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Pledge at least $10

Reward: SHOUT OUT on social media, our website and listed under "Thank You" in the film credits.

Pledge at least $25

Reward: SIGNED DVD or BLU-RAY, plus all of the above.

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Reward: T-SHIRT or COFFEE MUG, plus all of the above.

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Reward: SIGNED MOVIE POSTER, plus all of the above.

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Reward: SPECIAL THANKS on-screen credit (in lieu of other credit), plus all of the above.

Pledge at least $500

Reward: LUNCH ON SET with the cast and crew, plus all of the above.

Pledge at least $1000 or More for Exciting Investor Opportunities

Reward: Receive all of the above, plus you may be featured in "Behind the Scenes: the Making of Heidi" or appear in the film itself, depending on your donation level. At this level there are also investment opportunities. Contact us for more information now. This opportunity won't be available once we reach our goal!

Follow the Making of HEIDI ...

Heidi has Started Filming, but We Could Still Use Your Help!

We began Principal Photography in April and hope to wrap in July, 2017

As you can imagine, it takes more than equipment to make a movie. We continue to have production costs like food, props, costumes, location travel and fee expenses. However you can support us, you'll be helping us make Heidi the best film possible! Thank you for your ongoing support!

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Heidi has Been Kick Started!

We begin Principal Work on April 12, 2017

Thank you so very much. HEIDI is a go! We start rehearsal and test footage today! With God's help and yours, we will make a ground-breaking Christian film.!

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Heidi and Clara Meet

A Still from a Recent Screen Test

Both of these talented actresses have been cast. Emily on the left will play Heidi. Lindsay on the right will play Clara. We are so excited to be working with these young actresses. This still is from a scene they played out for their screen tests. They passed with flying colors!

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Cinema Cameras

Heidi will be Shot on the Arri Alexa Mini and Canon Cinema Cameras

We love the Arri Alexa Mini digital cinema camera. Recent films like Hacksaw Ridge and Arrival used Arri digital cameras. We also really like the capabilities of the C300-mark2 camera and its lower price point. We'll really be able to push into cinematic beauty, especially in any fast-action sequences. Films like Rush and Iron Man 3 have used the C300 for stellar action sequences.

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You Helped Us Reach the First Goal in 30 days - Thank You

You helped us raise enough to purchase all of our new camera and lens equipment. Thank you! But we could still use your support with ongoing production expenses. All donations are made available to us IMMEDIATELY. There's no minimum to reach and no waiting, so don't hesitate to donate and get this project off the ground!

Thank you! We started shooting in April and hope to wrap shooting in July, 2017!

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